Our history

Alpine Finanz has a long and successful history

The family business is already in its third generation. Our roots reach back to the 19th century.

In retrospect

In 1856, the Girschek brothers founded a company in the Imperial Monarchy of Austria specialising in the iron trade which developed over the years into a leading steel trading enterprise in Eastern Europe.

In 1945, the company moved its headquarters to Germany. The later proprietor Frank Sprick reinvented the company there and directed it to new heights. The company developed into a leading steel supplier for the emerging German automotive industry and supplied the Austrian steel industry with raw materials. Subsequently, Ralf Jörgen Sprick expanded the steel business by founding branches in Vienna, New York and London.

The company was active in the former Eastern bloc and extended into the west as far as Argentina and in the east to Singapore. With the relocation of the headquarters to Switzerland in 1970, real estate development in Switzerland and Germany began under the name ALPINE FINANZ. As a result, this business unit developed so successfully that it gradually surpassed the steel business. The planning, construction and management of modern office buildings represent our main business activities today. Iron and steel trade activities ceased in the early nineties.

The present

Our investments in Germany are mainly situated in the Berlin area. In particular, we have considerable growth potential in the vicinity of the future Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). In Switzerland, we own and manage with Alpine Finanz Immobilien AG a diverse portfolio of commercial property in the economic areas Zurich, Zug, Biel and Chur.